A Simple Test

Remove the probe from the tank and reconnect it while it’s laying on the ground. With the probe out of the tank, the circuit is broken. Does the alarm clear when the probe is removed from the tank and out of the product? If the alarm only occurs when the probe contacts the product in the tank, you likely have a problem with the grounding at the site and not the probe.

Other Factors to Consider

  • When does the alarm activate? Does the probe out alarm activate only when another device is turned on? i.e. DEF STP, heat tape or heater. One of the devices could be causing noise and affecting probe communications.
  • Are the alarms consistent? If the probe out alarm is consistent, connecting it to the field wiring of a working tank or directly to the console will help identify if the probe is working properly.
  • Refer to the Probe Diagnostics and compare the samples read and samples used, errors and partial reads. These are key indicators of the probes performance and will help determine when you have fixed the problem.

Further Information