Single-Point Mini-Hydrostatic Sensor

The Single-Point Mini-Hydrostatic sensor accurately detects fluid level change in the interstice reservoir of a double-wall sump. If a leak occurs in the sump interstice, the brine seeps out of the reservoir triggering a low level alarm.

Detect leaks in sump interstice

The Single-Point Mini-Hydrostatic sensor fits in smaller interstitial spaces and is ideal for detecting brine leaks.

Product Form

Part Number



Single-Point Mini-Hydrostatic Sensor for Double Wall Sumps



Fuel Compatibility

Gas, Diesel, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Aviation Gas, E15, E85, E100, Bio-Diesel 20, Bio-Diesel 100, Green Diesel, Waste Oil, Motor Oil

Reservoir Solution Compatibility

Up to 50% ethylene glycol in water; up to 50% propylene glycol in water; salt brine solution of up to 30% CaCl

Alarm Notification

Normal: Float is in the UP position (correct amount of brine in reservoir)

Fuel Alarm: Float is in the DOWN position (low brine level in reservoir

Sensor Out: Sensor not communicating to ATG Console

Operating Principle

Reed Switch / Float

Product Activation Height

0.79” (2cm)

Operating Temp

-13 to +122°F (-25 to +50°C)


2.5” (6.4cm) High, 1.5” (3.8cm) in Diameter

Standard Cable

8ft (2.43m)