Non-Discriminating Interstitial MicroSensor for Steel Tanks

The non-discriminating small, easy to install solid-state MicroSensor is designed detect liquid in the interstitial space of a steel tank or a fill riser containment.

Product Description

Receive an alarm if more than 1” of liquid is present in the interstitial spaces of a steel tank. Designed for smaller spaces the Micro Sensor is just 2” long and 0.63” in diameter. The MicroSensor is an optical, solid state sensor that requires no moving parts.

The Interstitial Microsensor has been approved for monitoring steel tank interstitial spaces in high alcohol alternative fluids such as E85.

Product Form

Part Number



Non-Discriminating Interstitial MicroSensor for Steel Tanks


Installation Kit - 2” Cap Adapter Kit (Sold separately)



Fuel Compatibility

Gas, Diesel, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Aviation Gas, E15, E85, E100, Bio-Diesel 20, Bio-Diesel 100, Green Diesel, DEF, Waste Oil, Motor Oil

Alarm Notification

Normal: Sensor in Normal State – No liquid detected

Fuel Alarm: Liquid detected at a minimum of 1” (2.54cm)

Sensor Out: Sensor not communicating to ATG Console

Operating Principle


Product Activation Height

1” (2.54cm)

Operating Temp

-40 to +122°F (-40 to +50°C)


Length 2” (51mm), 0.63” (16mm) in diameter

Standard Cable

25ft (7.6m)