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TLS-4XX Series Software Version 10.H

Release 10.H Information
  • Release: 10.H 233.53
  • Release Date: 06/06/2023
  • Location / URL:
  • File Size: 360657795 bytes
  • MD5 Checksum: 3cd11d43fe9b7d6fb57bd273dac9d918
  • SHA256 checksum: 0c33fc38b5312b8e0456a7237177af50f7d99ad0ea135d402b6ad364316ed21f
Release Documents

Software Download Instructions

Download detailed PDF instructions here

  1. Select the software version to start the download: TLS-4XX Series Software Version 10.H.
    Note: In most browsers the file will appear at the bottom of the page. The file should be in the Downloads directory.

  2. The downloaded file is a zip file. Use a zip extractor (e.g., WinZip, 7Zip, JZip, PKZip, etc.) to extract the contents of the zip.

  3. Copy the files and directories to the empty thumbdrive. The thumbdrive should contain the files shown in step 6 of the detailed PDF instructions
    Requirements: A blank thumbdrive size 4-32 GB, formatted to FAT32.

  4. Connect the thumbdrive to the console.
    Note: USB ports are located under the console.

  5. Before continuing the download process, save a backup of the console to a thumbdrive (it can be the same thumbdrive that contains the software upgrade files).

  6. On the console go to Menu > Software Maintenance > DB Backup
    For Destination, select Thumbdrive. Then select Backup.

  7. Wait until the backup completes.

  8. On the console, go to Menu > Software Maintenance > Download to proceed with the download process.

  9. For Download Source, select Thumbdrive. The software version will appear on the screen.
    Example: TLS Upgrade release 10.H version 233.53. Then, select Download.

  10. Wait until the download completes.

  11. Select Menu > Software Maintenance > Activate/Revert.

  12. The software downloaded in step 8 will be displayed under Available Version. Example: 10.H 233.53. Check the box, then select Activate.
    Note: This will restart the console. If needed, shut the site down.

  13. A confirmation box will appear. Select the checkmark to continue.

  14. Wait for the console to automatically cycle power. When it starts back up, verify the new Software Version # is listed. Go to Menu > Overview > About.