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TLS Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Consoles

Veeder-Root provides highly customizable automatic tank gauge solutions exceeding petroleum site owners fuel and compliance management needs. Today, Veeder-Root is providing a one-of-a-kind automatic tank gauge with the most advanced fuel monitoring technology to over 500,000 tanks worldwide.

  • TLS-450 PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge

    TLS-450 PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge

    The Veeder-Root TLS-450PLUS automatic tank gauge provides the most comprehensive site data for advanced fuel asset management. Combining industry leading...

  • TLS4i / TLS4c Automatic Tank Gauge

    TLS4i / TLS4c Automatic Tank Gauge

    The Veeder-Root TLS4i/TLS4c automatic tank gauge systems are easy to navigate solutions that affordably streamline your wet stock management. Do...

  • TLS-XB Expansion Box

    TLS-XB Expansion Box

    Combine up to three TLS-XB expansion boxes with your TLS-450Plus to provide a flexible system solution that grows with your...

  • TLS-350 Automatic Tank Gauge

    TLS-350 Automatic Tank Gauge

    The TLS-350 is the most widely installed automatic tank gauging solution in the world. Designed for retail and commercial operations...

  • TLS-350 Plus Automatic Tank Gauge

    TLS-350 Plus Automatic Tank Gauge

    With over 20 years of global experience as the most installed automatic tank gauge in the industry, the TLS-350 Plus...

  • TLS-350R Automatic Tank Gauge

    TLS-350R Automatic Tank Gauge

    The TLS-350R takes the world’s largest installed fuel tank gauging customer base, the TLS-350 Plus, and adds two key components...

  • TLS-300C/I Automatic Tank Gauges

    TLS-300C/I Automatic Tank Gauges

    The TLS-300 is a cost-effective, configurable, tank gauging console for smaller tank retailers and commercial operators. The TLS-300C/I gauges provide...

  • TLS-2/P Automatic Tank Gauge

    TLS-2/P Automatic Tank Gauge

    The TLS-2 and TLS-2P tank gauging systems can monitor up to 6 individual tanks, with a touch-screen display that’s simple...