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Mag-FLEX Tall Tank Monitoring System

Mag-FLEX Tall Tank Monitoring System

The Mag-FLEX is specifically designed for monitoring aboveground storage tanks. The Mag-FLEX monitoring solution can be paired with any Veeder-Root automatic tank gauge to create a powerful, affordable inventory management system backed by the support network and reliability of Veeder-Root. This aboveground solution delivers accurate reconciliation of your most expensive on-site assets without you having to scale formidable heights to determine inventory levels.

Key features:

  • New and improved probe includes Water Detection and can be used in Wired or Wireless configurations.
  • Built with flexible corrugated stainless steel for easy installation and accurate monitoring
  • Supports aboveground tanks up to 50-feet tall
  • Provides a single point of monitoring for aboveground and underground storage tanks through one tank gauge console
  • Monitor product level, water level and temperature through one tank opening
  • Save on installation with wireless technology (compatible with standard VR Wireless 2 systems)

Key benefits:

  • Single point of monitoring for UST and AST sites: Site owners can now monitor both their underground storage tanks (USTs) and ASTs on a single TLS console
  • Water Detection: Probes ship with product and standard water float preassembled (standard water float detects water at the 5.5” level
  • Optional low water detection kit available for water detection at the 1.9” level (requires 4” tank opening)
  • Save installation time and cost with wireless technology: The Wireless 2 Kit reduces installation time and eliminates wiring from the tank to the TLS console
  • Same probe can be installed in a wired application for sites that do not want to install wireless
  • Rely on field-proven digital magnetostrictive technology (now in a flexible probe design): Flexible probe design makes transportation and installation easy
  • Accuracy: The probe has the accuracy of 0.01% of full insertion length and has sensors that provide fuel temperature and temperature-compensated volume readings
  • Optimize site configurations with a scalable TLS portfolio: Veeder-Root offers a wide range of consoles to best suit the various AST site configurations
  • Stainless steel probe shaft provides increased protection of the mag-wire and probe durability