Red Jacket® DEF Pump

The Red Jacket® DEF Pump is a complete fueling solution designed to deliver the highest flow and maximum performance for sites that dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). The Red Jacket DEF Pump combines the benefits of Red Jacket’s pressure technology with unique design features to deliver DEF more quickly, safely and reliably than any other pump. 

For sites with 1 - 7 DEF dispensing points learn more about the Red Jacket CoreDEF Submersible Turbine Pump

A unique application of pressure-driven pumping, the Red Jacket DEF Pump moves the motor from the tank to the sump space, making for hassle-free service to minimize disruption.

The complete Red Jacket® DEF Pump System is comprised of 3 kits:

  1. A pump kit, based on needed pump length, which includes a pump, mounting flange, return pipe, gasket, O-rings, circlip, cover, spider, flange adapters, 5/8" stainless steel bolt/nut/washer kit, anti-seize, and a manual.

  1. A motor kit, based on needed voltage, includes a motor, lifting hook, thermal overload, splash drains, mounting kit, hardware, coupling, set-point gauge, and a manual.

  1. A manifold kit, Includes a manifold, pressure relief valve, check valve, pressure gauge, tri-clamps, gaskets, tri-clamp to 2" MNPT adapter, and a manual.

Pair this pump with a magnetic starter and heater combination for seamless motor activation control and thermal protection. 

Product Form

Product discontinued as of July 1, 2021. Spare parts are still available. 

Part Number




RJ DEF 640 Pump Kit - 8' Tank

Part discontinued


RJ DEF 640 Pump Kit - 10' Tank

Part discontinued


RJ DEF 640 Motor Kit 60 Hz

Part discontinued


RJ DEF 640 Motor Kit 60 Hz

Part discontinued


RJ DEF 640 Manifold Kit

Part discontinued

Features and Benefits

  • Unique design with motor above tank and removed from flow path delivers 2X more flow than other pressurized DEF pumps above 7 fueling points, contributing to greater than 55% more flow overall.

  • Stainless steel shaft and core encased in polypropylene provides the optimal balance of structural integrity, corrosion resistance and weight.

  • Advanced motor engineered to handle more than 30 start/stop cycles per hour for busy sites.

  • Two thermal overloads provide additional motor protection.

  • Locating the motor above and outside of the DEF tank eliminates the need to open the tank or break hydraulics during service, saving time and avoiding DEF spillage onto forecourt.

  • Integrated check valve can be locked down for line tests and service and lifted to drain non-isolated product back into the tank.

  • Motor does not come into contact with DEF, avoiding risk of overheating or contaminating precise DEF solution.

  • Avoids opening the tank during motor service, preventing debris or water from entering.

  • Pump has redundant seals to help prevent DEF contamination.

  • Pressure management with built-in pressure relief prevents premature nozzle shut-off by maintaining safe line pressures and enables continuous run without motor failure.

  • Meets ISO 22241 standards for DEF compatibility

  • Integrates with Veeder-Root® Automatic Tank Gauge, Mag Sump Sensor and Alternative Fluids Probe.


Fuel Compatibility

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid* (DEF or Adblue)

*consisting of 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water

  • Meet ISO 22241 standard for DEF quality

Motor Sizing

  • 5 HP, 60 HZ, 3-phase, 208-230V/460V

  • 5 HP, 60 HZ, 3-phase, 575V

For sites with 1 - 7 DEF dispensing points try the Red Jacket CoreDEF STP

Line Pressure Relief

  • Line pressure maintained at 32PSI via pressure relief valve in manifold (Maximum Pressure: 65.3PSI)

Hardware Construction

Return Pipe (Included with Pump): Polypropylene

Shaft: Stainless Steel

Core Structure: Stainless steel shielded in Polypropylene

Impellers: Polypropylene

Pump Flange: Polypropylene with EPDM Gasket

Manifold Kit: Stainless Steel with EPDM Gaskets

Protective Coatings

  • N/A

Operation Environment

  • 23F to +104F (-5C to +40C)

  • Class 1, Group D, Division 1, EP

  • 4TC Explosion-proof, fan-cooled, CL1 Group C&D

Length Range

8’ Tank Standard

  • Flange Bottom to End of Pump = 95”

  • Flange Bottom to Top of Motor = 31.5”

  • Overall Length = 126.5”

10’ Tank Standard

  • Flange Bottom to End of Pump = 122”

  • Flange Bottom to Top of Motor = 31.5”

  • Overall Length = 153.5”

* Minimum 4” clearance from pump bottom to tank bottom

Check Valve Compatibility

  • CoreDEF Inline Stainless Steel Check Valve: 410881-001


  • ISO22241 for storage and dispensing of Diesel Exhaust Fluid

  • UL/cUL Listing

  • CE

Additional Specifications (by Component)

Pump Kit



Device Characteristics

Vertical Immersion Pressure Pump with Impellers Model DEF640

Storage Temperature Range

-22F to +122F (-30C to +50C)

Tank Flange Interface

10” ANSI Flange opening required with minimum 10” ID

8 or 12 bolt-pattern compatible

5/8” or 7/8” bolt dimension compatible (5/8” stainless steel fastener set supplied)

Pump Flange Dimensions

Included with pump

16” OD Reference

Clearance Requirements


Submersion Requirements

Minimum 4” liquid submersion from pump bottom Note: pump cannot run dry or warranty will be invalidated


55-60lbs for 8’ and 10’ standard lengths

Weights for other lengths will vary


Not field serviceable

Motor Kit


Rated Speed: 3450 RPM



Duty Cycle

Continuous duty, greater than 30 start/stop cycles per hour


Vertical Height: 19” Reference

Diameter: 12” Reference

Special Application Features

Drip Cover, Moisture Drains, Integral Thermal Overloads

Motor is not to be operated immersed in liquid (must ensure positive motor/pump shut-off by Mag Sump Sensor)


108lbs, lifting hooks included


Not field serviceable

Motor Control

For use with magnetic starter VR Part No: 410648-001/003 depending on voltage, and 3 heaters VR Part No: 410649-003/009/011 depending on voltage

Manifold Kit



Integrated Site Solutions

Streamline your DEF Management with integrated solutions

Maintaining viable diesel exhaust fluid relies on regulating its temperature throughout the dispensing system. Veeder-Root’s suite of products fully integrate together to help you manage your DEF fluid and maintain its quality.

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