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SiteFax Modem (TLS-300/350)

SiteFax Modem (TLS-300/350)

Transmit weekly leak test reports and alarms to eight different numbers without lifting a finger. Once programmed, the SiteFax modem will send information at specific times or notify you of a specific event or alarm. Automatically. You can tailor the information flow to your needs – enter the time and schedule and what events will trigger an auto-dial alarm. You can also dial up the TLS and ask for any information you need. Diagnose the TLS before you send a technician or spot check inventory. It’s a fast, simple and efficient way to stay in touch with your fueling and retail operation.

Key features:

  • Transmit event or alarm data to eight locations automatically
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Dial in for info at anytime

Key benefits:

  • Remote connectivity – being able to access automatic tank gauge information remotely
  • Gives users flexibility and enhanced productivity for managing their sites