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Containment Sump Sensor - Non-Discriminating

Containment Sump Sensor - Non-Discriminating

Veeder-Root's Solid-State Dispenser Pan and Containment Sump Sensors quickly detect the presence of liquid in dispenser pans and containment sumps. Liquid presence could mean a serious line leak. Because alarm conditions detected by sensors are pinpointed, you can quickly take action to prevent serious product loss, and safety and environmental problems.

Alarm conditions - Fuel Alarm, Sensor Out - detected by either sensor are indicated by an audible alarm, a displayed message, and a printed message on the TLS-350R and TLS-350. They are also recorded as part of the TLS-350R or TLS-350 Alarm History Report.

Durable and accurate, the Solid-State Dispenser Pan and Containment Sump Sensors have no moving parts to wear out or stick. The sensors also withstand harsh environments. They continue to detect fluid and hydrocarbons accurately, even in icy conditions.

Fuel Alarm is triggered when liquid reaches 1.0" high on both Dispenser Pan and Containment Sump Sensors.

Temperature Rating

Storage: -40 degrees C to + 70 degrees C

Operating: -40 degrees C to +70 degrees C 

Cable length: 6 feet

Dispenser Pan Sensor Dimensions: 11.53" high, 2.13" diameter 

Containment Sump Sensor Dimensions: 22.03" high, 2.13" diameter 

Withstand removal and replacement from sensing environment without sensor damage.

Standard Models

Form No.



Solid-State Dispenser Pan Sensor


Solid-State Containment Sump Sensor


Universal Sensor Mounting Kit


The Series 7943 Dispenser Pan and Containment Sump Sensor is compatible with the following consoles:

Console Series





Note: Type A Interface Module (Form No. 329956-001) is required for Solid-State Dispenser Pan and Containment Sump Sensors.