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Insite360 FuelQuest Logistics and Financial Management

Reduce procurement costs and increase purchasing strength

Insite360 FuelQuest Logistics and Financial Management services typically save organizations 4 to 6 cents per gallon, and improve supply security by better managing the complexity in the supply chain. All fuel management activities are optimized and directed at the FuelCenter, from supplier and distributor selection, demand forecasting, and procurement to dispatching, delivery and invoice reconciliation.

Engaging with the Insite360 FuelQuest team lowers administrative costs while allowing customers to focus on their core business. Key services include:

  • Strategic Fuel Procurement
    • Providing strategic recommendations on supply portfolio, contracting and sourcing
    • Annual - RFP process for fuel and Freight
    • Contract management
  • Tactical execution of your bulk fuel replenishment
    • Inventory management by a team of experts that monitor NYMEX, spot / local markets, and schedule or shift loads to save money
  • Strategic sourcing
    • Covers about 80% of volume / 20% spot, and delivers ratability to suppliers
    • Fuel and Freight negotiated separately
  • Dispatch and freight management
  • Invoice and delivery reconciliation
    • Team of experts evaluating fuel, freight and tax
  • Disaster recovery planning and the leverage to get fuel first


Insite360 FuelQuest Logistics and Financial Services Features:

  • Improve profitability by 4 to 6 Cents/Gallon
    • Lower fuel costs while ensuring supply security
    • Leverage our unique industry knowledge and expertise
    • Leverage our industry network to allow you to buy further up the supply chain
  • Centralized control
    • Processes and policies easily implemented across entire corporation
  • Automated processes and administration savings
  • Mix of FOB Rack and FOB Delivered
  • Just-in-Time deliverys to safety stock inventories for load shifting and cash conservation
  • Visibility into aggregate gallons and cost, operational incidents, and equipment at sites
  • Contract pricing for better pricing and greater supply security
  • Invoice and delivery verification to ensure correct  fuel, freight and tax payments
  • Allows you to focus on other important matters while the Insite360 FuelQuest experts focus on fuel
  • Gains competitive advantage by better managing fuel price volatility and the timing of fuel purchases


Insite360 FuelQuest Logistics and Financial Services Features:

  • Unmatched Expertise – Leverages an experienced team that manages hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel for the world’s most successful fleets and retailers
  • End-to-End Management – Provides fuel inventory visibility, strategic sourcing, dispatch, delivery and financial reconciliation
  • Utilizes Best of Breed Technology – Leverages Insite360 FuelQuest, the industry’s most comprehensive fuel management solutions
  • Strategic Recommendations – Provides expert guidance on supply portfolio (fuel and freight), contracting and sourcing
  • Alignment of Interests – Avoids conflicts of interest via independence from any supplier or carrier
  • Industry Leading Best Practices – Uses procedures and processes that have been proven in deployments for the world’s most efficient managers of fuel