Custom Fuel Tank Probes, Float Kits, and Tank Level Gauge by Veeder-Root | Veeder-Root

Probes & Float Kits

The Magnetostrictive technology found in Veeder-Root probes give owners of above ground and underground storage fuel tanks highly accurate tank level indicators. When coupled with our wide-range of custom float kits and unique tank level gauges, owners will be able to detect in-tank leaks, ensure integrity of their fuel and manage inventory.

  • Phase-Two Separation Float

    Phase-Two Separation Float

    The Phase-Two float offers the earliest possible detection of phase separation, saving money and reputations. It provides continuous in-tank monitoring...

  • Magnetostrictive Probes

    Magnetostrictive Probes

    Magnetostrictive probe technology provides underground storage tank and above ground storage tank owners a highly accurate device to measure and...

  • Mag-FLEX Tall Tank Monitoring System

    Mag-FLEX Tall Tank Monitoring System

    The Mag-FLEX is specifically designed for monitoring aboveground storage tanks. The Mag-FLEX monitoring solution can be paired with any Veeder-Root...