TLS-450 | Fuel Tank Gauges | Fuel Inventory Management

 TLS-450 | Fuel Tank Gauges | Fuel Inventory Management

The TLS-450 is future-forward technology and our most fully featured tank gauge solution. Designed to monitor and help protect your tanks, it offers industry-leading accuracy and maximum flexibility for your station operations. Manage inventory, deliveries, and alarm information from any computer, smart device/phone, or iPad – anywhere. Its intuitive graphical user interface and Web-enabled technology can be fully tailored and provide one-touch access to all federal, state, and local agency reports. This is technology designed to grow with you.

Key features:

  • Manage Your Fuel, Anywhere, Anytime with the TLS Polling App.
  • Web enabled, allowing users to manage fuel and compliance information online from any Web browser at any location
  • Leverages business inventory reconciliation (BIR) technology to identify and reconcile variances in your fuel deliveries
  • Utilizes AccuChart II for pinpoint tank calibration
  • Fully scalable, for today/tomorrow’s needs

App Store

This App works with the TLS-450 Automatic Tank Gauge only. Click here to find out more about the TLS Polling App

Key benefits:

  • Fewer and faster service calls through remote diagnostics and customized alarms
  • Remote or local site management with Direct Access Software, flexible networking options, and email notifications
  • Cost-effective wet stock management through robust data collection rules, confirming your tanks and lines are tight, and providing convenient wet stock reports on-demand
  • Flexible and upgrade-ready from advanced processing power and architecture to highly flexible configuration and remote upgrades
  • Mistake-proof operation through its intuitive graphical user interface, onboard help function and custom alarm management
  • System: TLS-450
  • Inputs: 64
  • Tanks: 32
  • Line Leak Testing: Up to 15 Lines
  • Sensors: 64
  • CSLD Tank Test: Option
  • Static Tank Test: Yes
  • Inventory: Stored
  • BIR: Option
  • Reports: 3 Yr
  • Alarms: 3 Yr
  • History: 3 Yr
  • Sensor Status: 3 Yr
  • Printer: Yes
  • Email: Built-in
  • Free S/W Upgrades: Yes
  • Universal Sensor Module: Yes
  • Phase Separation: Yes
  • Density: Yes
  • Storage Temperature Range: 15°F to 118°F (-10°C to 45°C )
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32°F to 118°F (0°C to 45°C)