Remote Gas Station/Fuel Site Management & Connectivity Solutions | Veeder-Root

Remote Site Connectivity

Access or monitor your sites from anywhere in the world. With Veeder-Root's web-enabled technologies, you can securely control and modify configurations and access diagnostics from anywhere. Anytime. And you can print vital wet-stock management and compliance reports right from your web browser.

Whether you need to access a single site with the TLS-450’s Web-enabled technology, all 1,300 sites with Inform.NET, or desire your network to be managed by our Fuel Management Service (FMS), Veeder-Root has the solution set to meet your needs.

  • Manage Your Fuel, Anywhere, Anytime With Fuel Tank Gauge App

    TLS Polling App

    The Veeder-Root TLS App for iPhone® and iPad® presents users the ability to monitor your entire network's underground storage tanks...

  • Fuel Management Software

    Inform.Net Remote Site Management Software

    Inform.NET is a client/server web-enabled enterprise fuel management software solution that any size network of automatic tank gauges can utilize...

  • Access & Monitor Site via Web-Browser

    Remote Data Management

    Using the TLS-450 XML Web-enabled feature, you can access or monitor any of your sites from any Web browser —...

  • Directly Access your Fuel Site using Web-Browser

    Direct Access

    Access or monitor any of your sites from any Web browser — anywhere in the world, anytime you need it....

  • Connect Directly to LANs & WANs using Ethernet Communications Card

    TLS-350/300 Ethernet Communications Card

    Made for the TLS-350 and TLS-300, it allows broadband access at the site to transmit information at a specific time...

  • SiteFax Modem  (TLS-300/350)

    SiteFax Modem (TLS-300/350)

    Transmit weekly leak test reports and alarms to eight different numbers without lifting a finger. SiteFax modem will send information...

  • TLS-RF Wireless 2 System for Fuel Management, Monitoring & Leak Detection

    TLS-RF Wireless 2 System

    TLS-RF Wireless 2 System provides basic fuel management, sensor monitoring, and leak detection solutions when hard wiring is not a...